Baby Koona

Baby Koona


Koona was born by...oh who knows? NO ONE! not even him cause hes just a baby. But it all started when he was born from some iceland...


Baby Koona has ice powers. He can transform into basically anything that's related to ice,including the almighty Frigisaurus from Fossil Fighters. He can also turn anything he touches into ice, except for people close to him. But once he touches whatever he turned into ice, they return to normal.


He is a loving baby. Once Geo the Echidnafox found him crawling on the street, and saved him from being hit by a truck. And when baby looked into Geo's eyes...lets just say when Geo grabbed him, he didn't turn into ice!

Main InfoEdit

age: 3

type: baby/ice

animal: hedgehog

motos: googoo gaga gaga gooooo

favorite sayings/faces: :3 - *puppy eyes* - googgooo - dada mama goooo goo