Golden Rule: Never be a jerk, and never reject anyone

1. Never hurt one another or band together on one person. No jokes that can POSSIBLY hurt someone.

2. No cursing someone off or spamming cuss words. (but you can still curse)

3. No kicking another person without consulting the founder or if other admins/mods agree.

4. No pornography.

5. No blocking without condulting the founder or head admins.

6. No arguing with mods, admins, or the founder unless there is a good reason.

7. Like #1, no being jerks, no insulting one another, even if the person hurt you in the past. (no hypocrisy)

8. No abusing power.

9. Don't give mod or admin status without consulting another admin orb the founder.

9. Five warnings, three kickd, then a ban. Insta-ban if repeated too many times.

10. ChatMod to (none) after breaking rules repeatedly; Admin to ChatMod if break rules too many times.

11. If anyone breaks any rules, tell a head admin or the founder immediately.

12. Respect yo peeps; respect their privacy.

13. No purposely spamming that has a length over 6 lines, and cannot stretch the chat box.

14. no arguing with mods, and admins, and especially the founder.