Fist the Vamphog is a Hedgehog who is bitten by a Mysterious vampire that makes him a vampire. He is super fast like Sonic and can punch like Knuckles and he is also a vampire which means he can bite people and has fangs and is a vampire. He is also a vampire. He loves nature he is a mean but also nice! if u pee on a flower he will cut you also

he is married to Amy rose and is superior to sonic because hes more manlier and is a vampire

he is Sonics

Original character (c) Miranda and Pablo 2013 do not steal

Fist the vamphog


Fist was born to a mysterious secret chao order cult and is Sonic's enemy


Fist is super fast like Sonic because one of his chao borders met sonic and learned his speed! he has punching power like knuckles but he has no fingers (he lost them in training). when a Mysterious vampire bit him he became a vamp-hog and now has vampire powers like biting peoples and turning into a bat One day he will challenge Sonic and beat him to the death


fist LOVES Being A Jerk to people and he bites everyone he sees he's one heck of a hothead and he dislikes everyone no matter who


  • b4 he married his loving wife Amy, he loved rouge because he could be a bat