Animegeo the Echidnafox

Geo the Echidnafox

most pages are just gonna be photos of ANYONES fan characters! just show me one ^^

Geo the Echidnafox: a fun and lovable mix of an echidna and a fox. very rare species to find. He is mysteriously related to Geon the Hegdehog.He can actually control gravity. He is also born from an engine unit from the Divine Wings (babylon garden) that fell into an acid pool. He also has poisonous powers. He has a short temper, dont mess with him because his hands can transform into ANYTHING. LITERALLY. so dont mess with him.

age: 16

animal: Echidna/Fox

type: Transformer/Power

likes: Treasure, art, beating up someone, the cold

dislikes: heat, Fake money, someone beating up HIM

moto: If you cant do it right, JUST SMASH IT!!!

favorite sayings: SMASH IT! - awesome -w- - whashup :3 - whatever