Granite the grimfox

granite the grimfox



No one really knows how Granite was born, except himself. He was mysteriously found on Angel Island, and he had an angel and a demon escorting him out of the forest. Than he met Mariahna the Bat who was wandering around looking for some random things to collect. Than when they met, they actually battled. Mariahna nearly got her heart taken out, but luckily Maia Sunflower was looking for her, and Maia got in her true form and beat Granite and his escorts. Than Granite flew away, leaving his escorts dead and rotting, dissolving into the underworld right through Angel Island.

His Story (How he found out he was a grimfox)Edit

so when Granite flew into the clouds, he saw a flying island.Not angel, not floating, and not babylon. Just another flying island but he knew it was a special island, that only he could see. So he stepped onto the platform, and something in him felt right. He saw the village inside of it, than he suddenly got chained up above a pool of acid. The leader of the island thought he was the devil, with the scythe. So than, right before he fell, the scythe started to glow and changed into a sharp disc, and when Granite fell, he fell onto his special Scythe. Than when he didnt know it, when he opened his mouth, everyones souls ripped apart and went into his mouth and than he figured out he was a grim-reaper...


He is usually the kind of person NOT to trust but to make deals with. He will kill and revive anyone but only for special items. He is more evil than he is heroic though, he is a grim-reaper fox though, who would have NOT thought? But he has a good side, and a bad side.

good sideEdit

He is only good when he is happy. He is only happy when he has atleast two of the chaotix Emeralbo's. (Chaotic Emrald Combo-chargers) Than he will help you out with anything if you are good. But it depends on the emeralds color, if their light colors, he will be on the good side.

Bad sideEdit

He is bad, but only when he doesnt have the chaotix emeralbos, unless their the dark colors. When he's bad, he goes out of control and he goes and steals random souls from innocent victims who are defenseless.


By neutral, it means he wont be good or bad, but just normal, yet strange. He will be very gullible and very vulnerable in this mood. But alot more powerful.

Main InfoEdit

age: unknown

type: unknown (death)

animal: fox, grim-reaper

likes: killing people, making deals, stealing souls

dislikes: mortals

moto: if you cant do it, just kill it