Drawings 017


Classification: Steam Pokemon

Height: 6' 07"

Weight: 845.2 lbs

Gender: Unknown

Type: Fire-Water-Steel

Pokedex 1: A legendary pokemmon that lives in a place full of fire and water types that border eachother. It sometimes moves to the place full of Volcanions.

Pokedex 2: Volcanions are said to be descendants of Hydrolocano. The person who once found Hydrolocano said that Hydrolocano lives with Volcanions, and Volcanions only stay near Hydrolocano.

Breedable: Yes, but makes Volcanions.


Steam Eruption

Fire Fang

Aqua Jet

Bullet Punch

Take Down

Calm Mind

Flame Charge

Magnet Bomb

Aqua Ring

After You

Heat Wave

Metal Burst