Jean the Duck

Jean the Duck


Born from a bandit who came from a ba-bomb factory in mario. no one knows how it was a SONIC character.


He has alot of bombs and can grab them from nothingness. sometimes you can even see the portal he sticks his hand into when hes grabbing bombs


He is a double-crosser (or should i say Quadruple-crosser) yet he acts nice and acts evil, even when you dont notice it. He once double-crossed 5 people, against eachother, at the SAME TIME! no one knows how he did it though.He has also managed to double-cross Blast,and that's no easy feat.Only Jean and Splice have acomplished this.

Main InfoEdit

age: 17

type: all-around

animal: duck

moto: double-crossing's are double-winnings.

favorite sayings/faces: (none)