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Jkirk Corporations



The Jkirk Empire 2's Leader, Joshua the Hedgehog, has ordered his forces to exit Mobius and head to Earth, while also Self Destructing the Bases there so no one would do some shit to them. In total, about 7,217 Airships have left Mobius, and have been made into a Battle Fleet. About 2 Hours Later, The Fleet arrives at Earth, along with the Domination Imperial Supreme (D.I.S) Space Fortress. Joshua the Hedgehog and about 14,524 R7-CQ Terminators get into Drop Pods, and they are launched from the Airships and D.I.S, when they land, they are what appears to be Territory that is claimed by a faction named G.D.I. What both of these factions don't know is that they're going to be starting a Massive War.

Chapter 1: "Landing on Earth, Let the War Begin!"Edit

Jkirk Empire 2 Troops are landing on Earth. Along with 450 Genesis Transport, and the Drop Pods. G.D.I radar spots them.

G.D.I Soldier: Sir! I've spotted something on Radar!

G.D.I Commander: What is it?

G.D.I Soldier: It seems to be a... Massive Army. Sir.

G.D.I Commander: ...Round up the Defenses! And if needed to, bring out the M.A.R.V.

G.D.I Soldier: Yes Sir!

Meanwhile, at the Jkirk Empire 2 Army

Joshua: *comes out of the Drop Pod, and looks around* This is Earth, huh... *sees the G.D.I Base. AH! There it is, G.D.I.

R7-CQ #3,147: Sir! My Forces are ready to engage! Should i give the order to Attack?

Joshua: I'll give the order. *pulls out a Radio* All Units, This is J.T.H, i am giving the order to Engage the G.D.I base! Now don't be fooled, just because they're humans, it doesn't mean they're not powerful! Now, Go win this war! FOR THE JKIRK EMPIRE 2!

The Massive Army then starts heading towards the G.D.I, with they're weapons loaded and are ready to Engage.

G.D.I Soldier: Sir, they're closer!

G.D.I Commander: Send Everyone! NOW!

G.D.I Soldier: Yes Sir!

In 2 Minutes, there are Riflemen, Missile Squads, Predator Tanks, Mammoth Tanks, and Juggernaut Mechs on the Battle, and they are ready to defend they're base.

Then... The Fjrst Battle of The Jkirk Empire 2 --- G.D.I war has begun.

R7-CQ Terminators are firing they're Plasma Rifles at some Riflemen, Riflemen are firing Back, All of the Riflemen that were firing (which there was 150 of them) at the R7-CQ are all dead. Due to the R7-CQ's advanced Armor and Impressive Shields, only 9 out of 5,625 are destroyed.

Joshua: *observing the Battlefield, which is 5 Miles away from it* ...

Missile Squads are firing they're Missile Launchers at some Apache II Gunships, 7 out of 10 in they're squadron are destroyed, while 2 of the Missile Squads are dead.

Predator Tanks are firing at some Titan Assault Bots, while the Titans are firing back. 50 out of 50 Predator Tanks are destroyed, while 15 out of 165 are destroyed.

Joshua: This should be Easy. *pulls out a Radio* Send in a King Kriptor, i want to finish this battle right now.

An Airship comes over the Battle, and a hatch opens from beneath it. Then a King Kriptor comes out of it, and begins firing at some G.D.I structures

G.D.I Commander: ... We have no choice but to releash the M.A.R.V.

A G.D.I Structure opens a big hatch, and a MASSIVE tank comes out of it,

M.A.R.V:  MARV Assembler Complete. *It's Voice is heard throughout the Battlefield*

Joshua: ...what was that...

The M.A.R.V comes into view, and shoots its Large Cannon at the King Kriptor's leg, and the King Kriptor falls down, and explodes


All Units then concerntrate they're fire on the M.A.R.V. A Few Airships even had to Fire they're Plasma Cannons at it to bring it down. However, by the time the M.A.R.V was brought down, it had destroyed 2,145 R7-CQ, 1,214 Titan Assault Bots, and even an Airship. Which was 5% of the whole army.

Joshua: Whoa... that was... impressive... Maybe these Human's have a little power to them than i thought. Well at least the Base is ours now.

8 Minutes Later of killing the Remaining G.D.I units in the Base, including its Commander, and Destroying it's Structures.

Joshua: *is on top of the G.D.I base, and puts a Jkirk Empire 2 Flag on it, which has it's symbol on it* This is one of the many battles we will have with G.D.I, and we will win this war!

Chapter 2: From Normal War, to Nuclear War.Edit