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Jkirk Corporations,

and Team Toxico's

(NOTE: This Story is Made by two people, so to tell the differnece, The Letters in Bold are being told by Jkirk Corporations, and the letters that are not in bold, are being told by Team Toxico's)



Part 1Edit

I sat down on the chair on the opposite side where Joshua was sitting. "Any new hovercrafts these 8 months..?" I ask suspiciously at Joshua.

"Oh, no, how about any new airships yourself, Geo?" Joshua glared at me suspiciously too.

I slammed my hand on the desk and stood up, anger flaring in my eyes. I flip the table over. "I KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN STEALING THE HOVERCRAFTS AND DESTROYING SOME VILLAGES NEAR MY PROPERTY! I WANT YOU TO STOP THIS! YOU HAVE ENOUGH AIRSHIPS!" I spat at him, spitting in his eyes.

Joshua stood up, suprisingly calm. "I did not steal any of your shit, Geo. You are the one stealing my airships." Joshua even said it calmly, even with a cursing word in it.

"LIKE I'D WANT YOUR SHIT, EITHER?! Don't lie to me! We share our pieces of area. You keep the skies, i'll keep the land, in the border between our colonies. But now, YOU WANNA STEAL MY IMPORTANT HOVERCRAFTS! YOU HAVE MANY, MANY AIRSHIPS! WHATS THE USE?!"

"Well, you don't need my airships because you hardly ever keep watch in the skies. Looks like we are in the same boat, Geo. But there can only be one Leader." Joshua stared at me with stone-hard eyes.

"Your lucky we have this truce! Because right now, I'd be using my telekinesis to jog your brain out of your head and shove it down your throat!" My eyes flared with anger, and I could tell that Joshua could see that. He was just hiding his rage, like usual.

"Tsk tsk. I would use my explosives and make you eat them so you can explode, or blast you with a bazooka." Joshua started walking towards the door to leave.

"And where are YOU going, hedge-theif? The sun isn't even up yet!"

"Yea, but if I leave after the sun is up, you would be dead." Joshua stormed out. I muffled a growl in a low voice. "I can't believe he just walked out on me! And how dare he think he is stronger than ME! We WILL find out soon enough after the next full moon! I am declaring war!"

Part 2Edit

I head towards a Genesis Transport, which is docked outside the Building.

Joshua: *Recieves a Transmission* "Hello?"

Geo: *In the Transmission* "THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH. You Think your stronger than me, Joshua? We will see after the Next Full Moon! Because I'm Declaring War!"

Joshua: "good luck with that." *Ends the Transmission* "Wow. he wants to declare war on somebody who has a Super Weapon AND Advanced Weaponary? Pfft. I'll have his forces destroyed in 50 Days. Maybe Less"

The Genesis Transport leaves the area, and heads to a Jkirk Empire 2 Base.

The War has Begun.

Chapter 1: Airship CrashingEdit

I enter the airship. "Joshua, your defenses are getting weaker!" Suddenly a hawk appears, getting out a neon-lazer bazooka. He shoots it at me, but I jump past it, throwing a small lazerball at, destroying it. I look foward, seeing another one coming at me. I use my telekinesis to stop it, and I throw it back at the hawk. I teleport out right after the lazer missile hit the control panel, destroying it. I threw bombs at the rocket-boosters at the back.

The ship was going down. I looked down to find out the airship was heading for the ocean! I immediately jumped into one of my refuge life-rafts. "Thanks, DJ! Luckily you know how to control ships!"

"No problem, Geo!" DJ smiled. I noticed Meria, my best friend fox who's a genius, was in the life-raft too. "They aren't the only ones with advanced technology." She smerked and pressed a button. The width and length of the raft got larger and turned steel. I couldn't see, but I felt the bottom of the ship getting bigger too. Big electric pole raised from the middle of the ship, and made a short sail, and also made an invisible electric sheild around the perimeter of the ship. The steering wheel came up, and looked like a classic video game controller. "Basic controls," Meria said, laughing. A big propeller also appeared in the back of the ship, and more buttons appeared on the steering wheel. A staircase appeared to go down in the ship. When I went down, there were lazer cannons that were ready to fire, once the windows opened. There was about 10 lazer cannons. [Five on each side of the boat]. Also a secret steering wheel. "The bottom of this ship is a secret submarine, in-case the top blows off," Meria informed me.

"So simply advanced!" I stared around in amazement.

"Yep! Except the invisible electric sheild, of course," she joked, winking.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"At the bottom of this entire ship are torpedos. You can practically put anything in there, because it can resize too."

"Even a person?"

"We never tested THAT out yet..."

I looked around, and saw two small gas tanks on each side of the room. "I'm guessing this thing flies?"

Meria smirked. "Secret wings." She points to the buttons that are beside the gas tanks. "You press those to spread the wings. But the steering wheel at the top of the ship wont work to help fly it. Once this baby flies, the remote at the top will change into...well, something like a bicycle's handles."


Suddenly I heard a voice behind me say, "We'd better move the ship." It was my brother, Geon. "The airship that is falling, we're its crashing spot!"

"YIKES!" Meria screamed, running upstairs to steer the ship away. Me and Geon ran up. I saw DJ staring in horror. I looked up and saw the airship heading straight for us at 100 mph. I screamed because I knew we didn't have enough speed to move the ship. I screamed even more knowing that the impact would be too strong for the sheild.

I heard a baby crying in the bathroom. It was Koona! I didn't know Baby Koo and Maia Sunflower were here too! Now all my best friends were going to get smashed by this huge airship! I knew what I had to do, and nodded at Geon, my brother echidna-fox. He nodded back, understanding.

We both got out our gravity stones, and put them around our wrists. We held our hands up high, ready to prevent the crash. I heard Maia's soft lullaby to Baby Koo.

I must save my family.

Chapter Two: "FIRE THE ION CANNON!"Edit

A Major Battle is going going on between the borders of Jkirk Empire 2 and Toxico Conurbation.

Joshua: *Currently in a Garrisoned Building* "Dang It! These Toxico Troops just came out of Nowhere"

Some R7-CQ are also Garrisoned in the Building, they are Firing back at the Toxico Troops, while lots of Toxico Soldiers are firing at the Building, attemping to make it Collpase. When a Toxico Tank came in and started firing. some serious shit is about to happen.

R7-CQ #2579: "Sir, The Building is going to Collpase is it takes any more Damage.

Joshua: "Thats it! I have no choice! Fire the Ion Cannon!!!!"

A Space Fortress, the Domination Imperial Supreme, targets the area, and fires the Ion Cannon 

Command And Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars; Ion cannon (HD)

Command And Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars; Ion cannon (HD)

Firing at Toxico Buildings in the Battlefield

The Toxico Soldiers that were firing at the building go into panic, and retreat

Joshua: *sees them retreat* "HA HA. LOOK AT THEM RUN"

 Chapter 3: Airship AmbushingEdit

Me and Geon focused our energy into our hands. Our gravitational stones shined. The Airship was 100 yards away. I got ready for the force. I could still hear Baby Koo's crying even with the loud sound of splitting air.

The airship was 10 yards. Me and Geon let out all of our energy and a large beam shot out of our hands and straight through the middle of the airship. The beam went far enough to destroy 22 more that were farther away. I saw Geon faint as the remaining pieces of the airship fell all around the ship. The electric shield had a hole in it from where I blasted the airship.

I layed down. Then I got a call from my Army General, Emma The Wolf, who is also the mayor of my Starlight Village, the people who talk to the stars and even have PET stars. "Geo! Seven cities have been blown up by some of Joshua's Airships. Also three more, which one was one of our largest cities, was blown in one blast from Joshua's Ion Cannon. What are we going to do?"

"Just try to rebuilt all the cities..." I said wearily, "we're going to need more all of them to meet me at Toxico Lake... There will be a huge ship...send as many as you can..."

"Sure thing, sir!" She turned it off. Right after, I fainted from all the power I used to save my family. Maia, DJ, Mariahna, and Koo sat beside me and Geon. Meria was busy steering the wheel. She finally came in and said, "We'll just stick here. I installed a cloak and also fixed the electric shield to make it stronger." She looked at me and Geon. "I hope you two get better soon."

I opened my eyes. The place seemed to be bigger then usual. Meria must've expanded it, I thought. I got up and looked around. Wait a minute...this isn't even the room I slept on. This is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT room! and then I realized that I was CAPTURED! But by which airship?

I go to the steel door. It wouldn't open! Advanced technology, eh? No. I used my telekinesis and scrunched the door up into the ball and flung it 90 mph at a guard, who is dead now since the steel ball went right through the guard's head. I ran through the hallway where the Guard USED to stand. There were so many hallways. I dodged and injured guards. I changed my hair into a wrecking ball.

"And he said, at. It mean's advanced technology," one guard joked. The other guys laughed.

"Hey, whats that noise?" They all shut up as they heard walls crashing throughout certain areas. "I think it's getting clos-" He got interrupted by a huge piece of the ceiling falling on him. The walls, roof, and floor were cracking. "Lets get out of here!!!" one of the other guys shout. But it was too late. They felt pain throughout their body noticing that a huge wrecking ball smashed them through several walls.

"SO MUCH FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, JOSHUA!!!" I shout loudly. "I killed almost all people aboard this ship! Now I'm coming for YOU, Joshua!!!" I ran throughout the building. I finally stopped when I saw a huge door that looked like the entrance to the control room. I changed my hair to normal and crashed through the door.


Chapter 4: It's a Trap.Edit

The Control Room is covered with Explosives that is going to explode in 3 Minutes.

'Geo: "What the? But wheres Joshua?" *He suddently notices something moving outside of the window near him, it seems to be a Drop Pod that has Joshua in it, which just ejected* '"WHAT?! YOU COWARD!!!"

The Explosives have 2 Minutes until they explode

Geo: "Uh oh... I gotta find an Escape Route" *looks around for an Drop Pod, there seems to be one left* "Alright!" *Gets into the Drop Pod, and then 1 minute and 55 seconds later, it ejects from the Airship*

The Drop Pod escapes safely when the Entire airship Explodes.

Geo: "Hey look, its the 4th of July"

The Drop Pod lands onto the Ground, about 5 Feet from Joshua's Drop Pod

Geo: *Gets out of the Drop Pod and looks at Joshua's Drop Pod* "Well, theres the Drop Pod, but wheres Joshua?"


Joshua: *In his Suit of Armor, Jetpacking away from the Area* "Ha ha, That'll teach him, sure, he might have survived, but it'll teach him that i'm more Strategtic than him." *He then flies into an Airship Hangar, and 1 minute Later, the airship goes into Slipspace, leaving the area*

Chapter 5: Airship SeekingEdit

"Dang!" I yell in frustration, "He got away! Oh well....I'll get him later. Now where's my friends and brother?" I look across the sea at other airships. "They must be in one of those airships....but I guess they're in the MAIN airships. 6 Airships I need to search. Theres 8 in all...or atleast in this area. I'd better go find them.

Meria The Fox opens her eyes. She was in a yellow bed, in a small room fit for a simple lady who likes...yellow. "Where am I...?" Maia rubbed her head. Then she remembered


Meria turns on Auto-Captain. She flicks up the switch that turns on the Electricity Shield's cloak ability. "There we go!" She walks down to see Geo. She gets into the room and sees everyone around Geo and Geon. "Geo, we'll just stick here. I installed a cloak and also fixed the electric shield to make it stronger." She glances at Geo and Geon. "I hope you two get better soon."

Meria walks outside of the room, and looked up. An Airship is heading our way! She ran over to the weapons until she remembered that she had an electric shield and cloak. The airship will pass through us. But then something came out of the water. Large yellow and white hands came and ripped through the shield. It grabbed the pole and snapped it. "The shield and cloak!!!" Meria yelled as the cloak and shield went down. Now she saw the airship's weapons aiming for the ship. She gasped. The large hand grabbed the airship and yanked it down more, but only to give it more power since its closer to the ship. The hand disappeared.

"What was that?!" she screamed. But then the Airship was right above her. She looked up and a huge cannon stuck out and was charging up to  fire. Meria ran into the room. "GUYS! ESCAPE TORPEDOS!!!" Maia Sunflower got into one first with Baby Koo and she shot up. But right after the emergency light went off. The Escape Torpedo turned off itself before anyone else escaped.

"OH NO!!!" DJ yelled.

"What's happening?!" Mariahna yelled.

Suprisingly, Geo and Geon were still asleep. Meria ran upstairs. The Cannon blasted and a beam went right through the middle of the ship, knocking Meria out too. She fell to the boat.

"Oh yea..." Meria said. She got up and walked to the door. She searched her pockets for her 'special' wrench. She couldn't find it! She pounded on the steel door. "GIVE ME BACK MY WRENCH!!!!" She pounded on the steel door even harder.

She looked around. There was a window! But...she couldn't leave her wrench. She was born with that wrench, and her parents made it specially for her. By the time she got done thinking, she saw she was about to jump 10,000 feet out of the window. She leaped back into the room and slammed the window shut. She looked at the steel door and clenched her fist. She charged at the door, focusing all her weight on her fist. She slammed her fist into the door, making a large hole in it. Her knuckles were bleeding, but she ignored the pain. She grabbed the perimeter of the door and stretched it enough for her to walk out of.

"THERE SHE IS!!!" a robot guard yelped. It aimed it's gun at her but by the time he got it, she was behind it, kicking her feet through it's chest. She ran down the hallway, destroying several more robots. She checked every room to look to find her wrench. She couldn't find it in any of the rooms.

Then there was the last room. Two big guards were guarding it. They quickly aimed their lazer guns. They shot but Meria jumped onto one of the guards shoulders. The other guard shot as Meria jumped off, hitting the 2nd guard's head. The 2nd guard falls to the floor.

The guard jumped at Meria, grabbing her by the neck. She struggled to get free. The guard aimed the gun at her head. But then someone spindashed under Meria, grabbing the gun, shooting the guard. Meria fell to the ground and ripped the guard's hand off her neck. She looked around and it was Geo. "GEO!!!"

"Yea?" I said, laughing, "Why are you still here?! I saw you coming out the window. I was going to catch you but you went back inside."

"I wanted my wrench back."

I laughed. "Sure thing, brainy-fox."

I used my telekinesis to scrunch up the door, and flung it forward briskly. But someone caught it! I gasped.

The person turned around and stood up. Me and Meria both gasped, breathlessly.

Chapter Six: The Armored Joshua (lol, get it?)Edit

Joshua is seen grabbing the door, he appears to be wearing a strong suit of Armor

The Armor seems to have Twin Plasma Arm Cannons that can switch to Homing Missile Launchers, Shields, and Jetpacks, the Suit is also powered by Joshua's Mecha Emerald, there is also a strange Circle thing in the middle of the Suit's Chestplate.

Joshua: *Throws the Door to the side*

Geo: "What... is that?

Joshua: "Hello Geo, you like my Suit of Armor? It was made specificly to kill anyone who stands in my way."

Meria: "I think thats Joshua in that Suit"

Geo: "I kinda already knew"

Joshua: "Now..." *aims his Twim Plasma Arm Cannons at them* "Unless you want to die a very gruesome death, i suggest you surrender"

Geo: "Never!" *Tries to use his Telekinesis to crush Joshua's Armor, however, the Armor is somehow not Affected* "W-what?"

Joshua: "By the way, this Suit of Armor has shields that can stop any kind of Telekinesis"

Meria: "Well thats not Fair."

Joshua: "Says the person who's parthered with a Telekinesised Person that can destroy pretty much anything and can somehow punch through a Steel Door."

Meria: "..."

Joshua: "Now, like i said, Surrender now or Die!"

Meria: "No! I want my Wrench"

Geo: "We'll get if After we defeat this Freak"

Joshua: "Oh, I'M THE FREAK? Yeah, look who's Talking. I'm not the one who uses Telekensises every single time i'm in a war."

Geo: "...i will defeat you..."

Chapter 7: Psychic vs. TechnologyEdit

"It's called SKILLZ," I spat at Joshua, "It uses your brain. Unlike you, where you only use your stupid technology. Unlike technology, brains don't glitch!"

"Not MY kind of technology!" Joshua bragged. But he shaked his head to focus on me. He charges up his Twin Plasma Cannons. "This war is OVER!"

I closed my eyes as he shot. But no pain came. I peeked to see who it was. Someone blocked the shot with a shield...that had my symbol on it? She had green fur and....Emma The Wolf! She snapped the Twin Plasma Guns in half with her Twin Wrist-blades. She twisted her waist around, kicking Joshua backwards forcefully with her heel. She punched his face, which was vulnerable, and pushed him to the steering wheel.

"HOW DARE YOU!" He sweeped a bit of dust off his shoulder-plates. Emma didn't do any damage on his armor, but I could see a red swollen bump on Joshua's cheek, but he didn't seem to notice the blood. His wrist-armor turned and shifted into big blades. Bigger then Emma's.

She opened her backpack and a litle star came out. "Magic overcomes Technology like Scissors over Paper." The star sped, shooting right through Joshua's chest. He fell to the ground. Emma turned back to Meria, and reached for something in her pocket. She got out Meria's wrench, and threw it to her.

Meria walked over to Joshua. She could see the atoms of Joshua's body reconnecting, healing Joshua. "Well I admit this technology is pretty good. But not good enough for this." Meria raised her wrench, and it grew big. Bigger then Meria herself. She slammed at Joshua, and he went straight through the ground. All the way to the bottom of the airship, and we heard the splash of the sea.

Meria turned around, twirling her Wrench. "Easy as pie."

"Wait," Emma silenced Meria, "I hear more guards coming!" Me and Meria heard it too, and we turned around. A bunch of guards were rushing down the hallway. Thousands, I guessed. We got ready to fight.

Chapter 8: The Nuclear Ion Cannon MissileEdit

Meanwhile, While Joshua was in the Ocean, he seemed to have been resuced by a Jkirk Empire 2 Naval Ship

Joshua: "Alright. That is it. I. Have. Had. It. I am going to Destroy they're Fucking Army with my 2nd Version of The Ion Cannon.... a weapon i've been keeping a secret from him... heh heh"

7 Hours Later, Joshua was on his Space Fortress. The Domination Imperial Supreme, which is About to launch his new Weapon.

Joshua: "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR ARMY, GEO." *He smashes on a Button*

The D.I.S fires an Overcharged Shot of The Nuclear Ion Cannon Missile.

C&C 3 Tiberium Bomb cutscene

C&C 3 Tiberium Bomb cutscene

The Massive Explosion that took out 75% of Geo's Army

The Explosion seemed to be Massive (As seen on the Video Above). Which took out lots of Geo's Cites, and 75% of his Army. the Other 25% seemed to have Survived, Including Geo, Meria, and Emma. However, 5% of the Surviving Army has lost their Willing to Fight The Jkirk Empire 2, though the other 20%, including Geo, Meria, and Emma, decided to keep on fighting, But the Nuclear Radation from the Blast of the N.I.C.M has made it almost impossible to rebuild the cities that were destoyed.

Chapter 9: I Learn How To Drive An AirshipEdit

A bunch of robots came barging in. Luckily we had time to use Meria's genuisness, and she made an indestructable shield out of the steering wheel (but we made another wheel just in case). The robots surrounded us. Their lazer-lights pointed straight at our heads or chests. Meria had the shield hidden, so the robots wouldn't expect us to survive.

Then they shot. We ducked and covered our bodies with the shield, since it was big enough. The fires were leaving huge dents on the shields. Then they stopped, but then they started to burn up. It was getting hot.

DJ looked around the hallway. He guessed that Meria must have escaped this airship, since no robots were to be seen guarding anywhere. He ran down the hallway. He looked over that had a red sign above it. "THATS THE EXIT!!!" He opened the door and was about to jump, until he heard yelling.

He knew it was Mariahna, in another room.

He closed the door and looked back. He had to save his daughter. He hoped his ex and Baby Koo were ok. He ran down the hallway. He stopped when he got to the door where he heard the pounding coming from. He opened the door.

"CHAAAAAARGE!!!!!!" The red bat ran straight past him and went through a wall, crushing dozens of the robots that were surrounding a circular object in the center of the room.

DJ got out his Mini-Amplifier. He stuck it to his tooth and screamed. Visible soundwaves shot out of his mouth into the whole room, forcing the robots into the wall, crushing them (but missing Mariahna since she was behind him), and the circular object flew off. He saw a wold, a hedgehog, and a fox. DJ recognized them quickly.

"GEO! MERIA! EMMA!" DJ screamed, running to us and hugging us.

"DJ!" Meria yelled, seeping tears of joy.

"Mariahna!" I yelled too. I ran and hugged Mariahna. She hugged me back.

Emma stood alone, looking down. We walked over to her. "Whats wrong?" I ask.

"75% of our army and cities...have been destroyed....and I got a transmition from our remaining soldiers....that they gave up, and they ran away..."

"WHAT?!" Mariahna was horrified. DJ and Mariahna hugged eachother crying, saying they lost the war. Meria looked down, with one tear.

"No." I looked up.

Emma looked at me, with her brave warrior eyes. Mariahna turned to face me and said, "What? We don't have an army. We can't do anything. We lost the war, Geo. Just face it."

"No," I said, turning to Emma, "Give me that shield, Emma." She nodded and gave me it. She knew what I was doing. I still saw the small piece that steering wheels had to reconnect with the control panel. I carved two holes on the sides, enough to fit my hands through.

Meria put her hand on my shoulder, with her humorous smile. "You don't know how to drive airships, Geo."

"Well, we will find out." I said. DJ looked at me, and I could see that his look was glaring at me as if saying 'Are you crazy?!' but I knew he was right, but I didn't care.

I turned the control panel, which took me 5 minutes how to.

Emma came. "There are about 200 airships following this one, sir."

"This war isn't over yet." I turned to my 'crew'. "Team Toxico, go to the top of the airship. Prepare to JUMP TO ANOTHER! I am going to crash!" They all nodded and ran out, but Emma stayed and touched my shoulder, saying, "I believe in you, Geo." I nodded to her, and she nodded back, walking back to follow the others.

I turned the airship completely sideways. I turned on the more-then-dozen's of Lazer Cannons on this airship. I shot all of them at the airships on the left side. The ones that got shot were falling, and the ones behind those were crashing onto eachother.

I turned the airship completely 180 degrees, facing the airships in the middle. I charged at the airship's full speed. I crashed into several of the airships. I was losing altitude! I jammed the direction-auto and locked the speed. I ran out of the door. I turned left, then left, then right, then up two flights of stairs. After more hallways I got to the top. The wind was blowing fiercly. I looked to my right to see my friends on an airship. I ran straight forward. Ground was getting steeper, and the wind harder. I got to the edge of the airship and jumped.

Meria stretched out her hand as DJ said, "too bad Mariahna is inside, kicking guard-ass, not here to fly to catch Geo." Meria almost got to his hand, but landed right below her. But he slipped. "GEO!" Meria yelled, but she lost sight of him.

I felt the air splitting underneath me. But then something wrapped around my legs. It was a piece of wire (that was loose from the airship) and it tangled around my leg. I swooped forcefully to the side. I slammed into the window, shattering right through it. I ignored the pain. I ran through the hallway. I saw Mariahna, and she noticed me and she ran to me.

"I finished off all the robots! Even the driver! I'll go get the others," she told me.

"Ok," I said. I ran into the control room. I looked down and saw an island. If I crashed this one, it would destroy even more airships!" I planned it in my head. We'll jump off before we crash! I planned.

The others came in and Meria ran to hug me. "I thought you fell!" she said.

"Well I'm not. But anyways, since we are above the islands, I will crash all the other airships before they see that all the other airships are gone, and then we will JUMP!"

Mariahna stared at me with big eyes. "HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO  NOT GET SQUASHED WHEN WE LAND?!"

"You will carry me and Emma down to it. Even though we will weigh you down more, the impact will be less rough. Meria, get a grappling hook from the Weapons Rack, and you can use your wrench to grind on." Meria saluted and ran out of the room.

She came back with a grappling hook. "Ready."

"Me too. Luckily I lifted a bit of weights this morning."

"Then lets roll!" Emma said.

"GO NOW!" I immediately turned the steering wheel fast. We tilted very steeply, but my crew survived to the top. I faced the other airships. Their lazer cannons pointing at my airship. I charged. It went faster then Josh's airship, since this airship was smaller. I heard my interaction with an airship. I ran up to the top. Meria was already sliding down the grappling hook line, yelling 'WEEEEEE!' while Mariahna got a rope and tied our wrists together. She did the same with Emma's.

Mariahna jumped off, and spread her wings. We were just in time too, because the airship we were in just exploded.

Then Mariahna said, "I think Maia and Koo are here. I remember we launched the Torpedo this direction."

"Well when we find her, we can be a 7-man army," I added. But I just remembered. Geon wasn't with us! Then I remembered slightly from when I was unconsious, when Joshua has took my brother. He must have shipped Geon to one of his secret hiding spots.

"Once we will find Geon, we will find Joshua's cowardly areas he always hides." Mariahna just kept gliding, as Meria landed on the island.

"Get ready, Joshua, here we come!"

Chapter 10: The Invasion BeginsEdit

Joshua Is on his Planetery Fortress, Alitar II. He seems to be preparing an Invasion Force to take down the rest of the Survivors of Team Toxico.

Joshua's 2nd in Command, Mecha Josh, has been ordered to command the Fleet. However, Joshua will be watching him in his Space Fortress.

Mecha Josh: "Sir, what about that Prototype you made from that one dude's Brother?"

Joshua: "No, its not ready yet. I need 4 more hours until i am able to use him, now go. Command the Invasion Force, and kill anyone who stands in your way."

Mecha Josh: "It will be done" *bows down and then walks over to the Flagship*

2 Hours Later, The Invasion Force, which is 6,583 Airships, is leaving Alitar II and Slipspaces to Mobius. 6 minutes Later. Recent Reports of Jkirk Empire 2 Airships have been Firing at the Remaining Toxico Cities, The Defenses there stood no Chance.

Mecha Josh: *Activates his Organic Cloaking, he Literally looks like Joshua now* *He looks down at the Chaos he is unleashing, his Black and Red eyes glow to show fear into his Enemies*

Meanwhile, on Alitar II

Joshua: *Looking at Someone who is Knocked Out, and is apperently 56% Robotic Now.

The Being seems to be Geon.

Joshua: "Soon, you will be completed, and you will raise Havoc and Fear into the hearts of your foes."

Geon: "..." *Still Knocked Out, in order to keep him from being Awakened, he is put on some Sleeping Gas*

Joshua: *then looks away* *He then talks to himself* "Its over Geo. I have Won this war. I even somehow took your Brother so i can make him into my own Cyborgic Warrior"

Chapter 11: Geon Is MissingEdit

We land safely on the island and I look behind me. "" I said, "theres a lot more airships coming, guys. We NEED to find Maia and Koo! Then find Geon!"

Emma and the rest look behind me. Emma was the first to speak, "Well...sir...theres more then the last bunch of airships we destroyed....and there...theres over 5000! And from what I heard from one of my spies is that there is 6,583 airships."

"I thought you said we had no one left!"

"Except for a few spies. But anyways, we need to find Maia and Baby Koo! We might need them."

"MIGHT?" I snapped at her, "We DO!"

"I-I'm sorry..."

I saw that when I snapped had hurt her. "No, I'm sorry. So what do we do about the airships?

Emma looked up with forgiving eyes. "Well, Maia might be able to scare the pilots off," Emma said with her humorous voice, "and Koo can freeze some of the other airships. We should split up once we find Maia and Koo, and destroy the airships. They look like they're in lines. So if we follow where they are coming from, we might be able to find where Joshua is hiding. But, its not where Josh is hiding, but where he is. One of my spies say hes on a planitary fortress, and that there are transporters in between them we can use to find Geon. Geo, I think you should go to find Geon. We will finish off the ships."

"I guess we got our plans figured out then. Lets go find Maia and Baby Koo now!" I say.

Chapter 12: A new Enemy Arises.Edit

150 Miles Away from Mobius. A Faction known as The Scrin. Have launched Scout Ships 2 Hours Eariler before the Nuclear Ion Cannon Missile had been launched.

C&C 3 Tiberium Wars - Scrin Campaign Movie 1 Intro

C&C 3 Tiberium Wars - Scrin Campaign Movie 1 Intro

The Scrin Land on Mobius and Begin they're Invasion on Both Jkirk and Toxico

The Scrin begin Destroying Cities and Bases from both Jkirk and Toxico.

Joshua: *recieves a signal that his bases are being attacked* "What the? who would attack my base? i destroyed almost all of Toxico's Bases. So who's attacking?" *Recieves Visual of the Scrin destroying one of his bases* "No... NO. ITS NOT POSSIBLE. I THOUGHT I DROVE THE SCRIN AWAY FROM MOBIUS!!! WHY DID THEY COME BACK?!!?" *Sounded both Afraid and Angry*

A R7-CQ unit walks up to Joshua

R7-CQ #9,315: "Sir. We're recieving Reports of Major Attacks on our Bases and on Toxico Cities."

Joshua: "Wait, they're after Toxico as well? Oh man. If Geo Retailates them, he doesn't know what he's going up aganist... thats it! I have no Choice!!!! CHARGE UP THE SOLAR FLARE CANNON. AND LAUNCH EVERY UNIT. I DON'T CARE IF THEY HAVE AN EXCUSE. SEND IN EVERYBODY."

R7-CQ #9,315: "Yes Sir!"

Joshua: "This has gone too far... both me and Toxico have to go aganist a very powerful threat..." *sighs* "Abort the Invasion. We have to Stop the Scrin"

*The Jkirk Invasion that was currently invading the rest of Toxico's Forces. Recieve a Signal to abort the Invasion, and are given new orders to Stop the Scrin at All Costs*

Mecha Josh: "What... they're Back? Oh man. Joshua must've gone All Out"

Chapter 12: The Plan Is Now In SessionEdit

"Thanks for finding me and Baby Koo, guy. But you know I can just fly." Maia smiles happily as Baby Koo floats on cold mist. (Thats right, HE FLOATS ON MIST.) "Do you really think the plan will work though? Because it looks like the airships are fleeing." She points to the airships, which are slowly turning around.


"GO TEAM TOXICO!!!" I yell enthusiastically, "Wait....wheres DJ?" We look around, panicking, but then we look up to see DJ gliding on a solid music note.

He jumps off and says, "here. And I got your plan. I can use my sound-waves to force them all back. Cya!" He jumps back on his Note Glider and flies fast over to the front of the airships.

"Now go!" I demand.

Maia's hair straightens to a sharp point, and the bottom piece of her dress rips off, showing spike-shapes at the bottom of her dress. The middle removes, exposing her belly, which has a red emerald in it like Mariahna's, who hides in. Maia's teeth grow sharp, and her ears pointy. Her eyes turn red and her bat-like wings [but a lot scarier] spread out further then Mariahna's. She flaps up and goes forward.

Mariahna takes off the middle of her clothing, exposing her red diamond that Tails Doll gave her for a curse. [that is in another story.] Her eyes turn red and veins pop out on her arms, head, and legs, and suddenly seems muscular. She jumps, and glides to follow her mother, Maia.

I shake hands with Meria and Emma. A capsule pops out of the ocean, and the two girls jump inside it. It emerges from the water, revealing a large mechanic hover-craft shaped like a hurricane. It had the name "Hurricane III" on the side of it. Then it teleports away above the airships.

I transform my hair into my own boat and I jumped into the lake. I used my psychic power to make a Tele-Motor. I turned it on and I went straight down the fleet like a bullet, but 2x faster.

I got right under the leading ship, but then I hit something. Darkess overtaked me before I could know what knocked me out.

Geon opened his eyes. He was in Babylon Garden again! He looked over to see Geo, who was reaching out to Geon. Geon tried running to Geo, but he just got further away. Geon looked to see Geo was turning into a gravity stone again. "Geo!" Geon yelled but Geo was completely back into a stone now. Then Geon looked behind him, and there was a large pit. He tried to use his gravitational powers but they weren't working! He fell into the pit, with darkness overtaking him.

He looked around after an 'oof!' of hitting the ground. He got up but he found that he was in a capsule! He looked around to see pieces, that were attaching robot parts to him. He saw someone at the control panel. It was Geo! "GEO!!! HELP!!! THEY'RE ROBOTICIZING ME!" but then he saw that Geo was doing this to him, but when Geo turned around, Geon saw that he was already roboticized too.

"Roboticize, 70% complete." Mecha-Geo says this several times to Geon, turning Geon crazy. Geon struggled to get out. Geon was done with it. He couldn't take it. He turned his fists into a huge complete Diamond Sledge Hammer. He smashed the capsule and got out. He ripped off all this robotic parts. He ran to Geo and slammed Mecha-Geo's face, ripping off the robotic parts. But when they came off, there were holes in Geo's face.

Geon screamed and fainted. But then he opened up his eyes. It was a dream! But when he looked around, he really WAS being roboticized! "76% complete," a robot says. Geon transformed his hands into a Mecha Drill, and he cut off the wires, and smashed the glass. He ran out, and the robot parts dettached from him, except his hands. Wires were flowing energy into them.

The robot turned around. He was about to press the back-up button but Geon already smashed through the robot's chest, and crushing the control panel.

His hands turned back to normal. "They're normal again...but now I have MECHA-forms for my hands?! Awesome!" But then he remembered what happened. He looked at the time and realized how long it has been. "Oh No!" He remembered his memories of while he was being roboticized, and remembered the fleet too. "Mecha Joshua is going to kill Geo!" But too bad Geon didn't remember about the Scrin.

Geon ran outside. He was on the edge of the planitary fortress. He saw the transporter to where Geo was at. Geon stepped it, and suddenly transferred to another whole different place. He saw the lake, and he saw the Flagship!

He saw someone being captured into the flagship. Geo!!! Geon thought at once. Geon transformed his hands into rockets, and burst into the air, heading into the flagship where Geo was being captured by Mecha Joshua.

I woke up to see myself chained in a room. I looked around frantically and realized I was in the main Control Room. I saw a mecha that looked a bit like Joshua.

Mecha Joshua! I find out. He turns around and points a gun at my head. "Even if Jkirk Empire is in danger, I might as well kill you quickly before the Scrin kill you and your friends SLOWLY instead. I take first shot." He grins evily.

"The Scrin..?"

"No time to explain, because you won't live that long." Mecha Josh got ready to fire, until a green echidnafox burst in through the window and drilled through Mecha Josh's chest. The green echidnafox threw him out of the flagship into the ocean before Mecha Josh could turn on any jet-like machines on him.

I looked up to see who it was. "GEON! BROTHER!!!" Geon smiled and hugged me, but with normal hands.

He cut off the chains. I landed on the ground on my feet. "Geon! I miss you!"

"I miss you too, but we need to find Joshua and destroy him before he gets us. Besides, our friends seem to be doing a good job out there. Over 9/10 of the whole army is drowned, and the 1/20 is falling into the ocean, flaming, right now. The rest they seem to be working on while DJ is forcing them back."

"The main reason why they're doing that was to save you, so we can defeat Joshua."


"Except," I say.

"Except what?" Geon asks confused.

"Maybe Josh wasn't destroying our cities after all. Maybe this war was a big misunderstanding."

"What makes you think that?"

"Mecha Joshua said something about The Scrin destroying the Jkirk Empire, and killing me BEFORE the Scrin. Which means the Scrin tried to kill us. So when Joshua accused me of stealing airships, it must have been the Scrin! They did this so we could weaken eachother for the Scrin to destroy us!"

"At first, I thought 'you fucking believe Mecha Joshua, one of our enemies?', but when you say that, it makes more sense, because we never took the airships in the first place!"

"We have to find Joshua!"

"Lets explain to my friends first!" My brother and I run out of the room to the top of the flagship. I saw that all the airships were destroyed. I was satisfied and proud of my friends, but then I regret it all when I remember what is happening.

Me and Geon call to our friends, and they all come back to us. I explain the whole story to DJ, Mariahna, Emma, Meria, Maia, and Baby Koo. They were all shocked, as much as Geon and I were when we discovered too.

Geon remembered one line Joshua said, and Geon repeats to his friends, "'I thought I drove them out...!' is what Joshua said. So someone must have led them back."

I heard Emma crack her knuckles. "I can take a good fucking guess," she says with anger flaring in her eyes.

Mariahna looks at her, confused. "Who?"

Meria smacks Mariahna in the back of the head. "Eleja the Ghosthog, Black the Demonhog, Tianne the Cat, Edge the Fox, and Vexo the Hedgefox, thats who!"


"Now lets go find Joshua!" I say. We all get in the Hurricane III and fly off to find Joshua.

To be Continued in Part 2