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Jkirk Corporations

Team Toxico

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The Story So Far.....Edit

2 Factions, The Robotic Jkirk Empire 2 and The Brave Team Toxico have gone into War! However The War has started into a bad start. As Jkirk Empire 2's Leader, Joshua the Hedgehog, has fired his Ion Cannon at Toxico Cities. Toxico's Leader, Geo, has put himself onto the Front Lines to find his Friends and Family. However when Joshua gets Defeated by Geo's Pyschic Ablities... Joshua decides to launch the Nuclear Ion Cannon Missile. Which destroyed 75% of Toxico's Army and Cities. The Rest of Toxico's Army have given up, but Geo and his Friends kept on Fighting! However... The Plan backfired when another faction named The Scrin have noticed the Nuclear Ion Cannon Missile's Blast and have started to Invade Both Jkirk and Toxico. In order to Stop the Scrin, Joshua the Hedgehog orders every one of his Soldiers to Stop the Scrin before it's Too late. He also explained something about a Solar Flare Cannon. Meanwhile, Geo and his Friends were on a Jkirk Invasion Fleet, which was on it's way to stop the Scrin, The Fleet was led by Mecha Josh, Jkirk Empire 2's 2nd in Command. Who ended up getting drilled in the Chest and fell in the water, however he might've survived, but he warned Geo and his Friends about The Scrin Invasion Force. Geo then realizes that Joshua wasn't the one stealing his Hovercrafts, he then decides to Find Joshua so they can stop the Scrin Together.

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Chapter 13: The Destruction of The Nuclear Ion Cannon MissileEdit

The Scrin has goten a foothold on Mobius and constructed Towers and Gateways.

In a Final Attempt to Destroy the Scrin, Once and for All, He sends in the Domination Imperial Supreme to fire the Nuclear Ion Cannon Missile... however nothing always goes as Planned.

The Scrin KNEW that Joshua will Retaillate, so when the D.I.S got spotted on Radar, the Scrin launched a Missile at the D.I.S. Unfortunally for Joshua (who was on Alitar II by the way), didn't install a Anti Missile System on the Space Fortress.


The Missile hits the D.I.S, it hits the part where the N.I.C.M, is. When the Missile hit. A Nuclear Explosion could be seen.

Joshua: *Recieves a Report that the D.I.S is destroyed* "Oh no......" *He pounds on the ground in Anger* "SON OF A BITCH!!!"

Meanwhile, in the Ocean on Mobius

Mecha Josh: *reboots, and he looks around, only to find himself to be in the Ocean* "Huh.... where am i..." *looks at his Chest, only to see a hole through it* "ugh.... good thing it didn't hit the Reactor, other wise i would've blown up like a Nuke." *He starts going to the surface, 5 hours later, he reaches an Island, which is Under Jkirk Control*

A R7-CQ spots Mecha Josh and runs to him.

R7-CQ #146: "Sir, are you Alright?"

Mecha Josh: "Yeah... i just need to be repaired"

They both go to a Jkirk Base which was recently attacked, but some survivors are still there and a functional Factory is still online so Mecha Josh can be repaired.

Chapter 14: Random StuffEdit