Leader: Hawkstar - brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Arrowpelt - Brown and white calico tom, with black arrow-shaped stripe on his back

Medicine Cat: Ashstorm - small light-grey tabby with blue eyes


Earthfur - brown and black tortoiseshell tom

Brownclaw - dark grey tom with large grey eyes

Hotpelt - bright orange she-cat with yellow eyes

Dustheart - Brown and Orange tabby she-cat

Blackdust - Black cat tom with large dark eyes

Boarfang - bluish silver long-haired maine coon tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes


Clawpaw - Black and brown calico tom (Mentor: Brownclaw)

Thornpaw - Black and brown tabby tom (Mentor: Blackdust)

Cactuspaw - Orange and white calico tom with enormous green eyes (mentor: Ashstorm)

Brightpaw - Yellowish orange tabby she-cat (mentor: Hotpelt)

Queens (nursing or expecting kits):

Suntail - Ginger she-cat with big blue eyes; Kits: Clawpaw, Thornpaw

Rockheart - Brown long-hair she-cat with brown eyes; Kits: Brightpaw

Birdtail - Bluish grey furred she-cat with a very fluffy tail with a width longer then her; Kits: Cactuspaw, Toxickit, Geokit

Yellowfoot - A bright orange and white tabby she-cat, and has one foot that is completely yellow; Expecting kits (Mate: Arrowpelt)


Geokit - Special green and purple tabby tom with lime eyes

Toxickit - Moonlight blue tom with a dark purplish stripe on his back with purple eyes


Brokenleg - Dark grey tom with wide yellow eyes; left hind-leg is broken


Leader: Silverstar - Unknown cat type; Silver pelted she-cat, with an orange heart-shaped tattoo on her right side, and has blue eyes

Deputy: Orangefoot - Orange long-hair she-cat with small yellow eyes

Medicine Cat: Riverpool - Bluish grey short-haired she-cat with large blue eyes


Bluestripe - greyish white pelted she-cat with blue stripe on muzzle

Greypelt - grey tom with ginger eyes

Cloudeye - White tom with one foggy eye and one green

Thorntail - grey and white tortoiseshell with a shaggy tail


Furrypaw - Fluffy silver, orange, and black calico tom; mentor: Greypelt

Fluffypaw - Bluish black long-haired tom with turquoise eyes; mentor: Cloudeye


Longpelt - long-haired orangish yellow she-cat (Kits: Fluffypaw and Furrypaw)

Squirreltail - black-pelted short-hair she-cat with a large fluffy tail (Kits: Yellowkit, expecting more)


Yellowkit - gold, and yellow tortoiseshell she-cat with big yellow eyes


Calicoclaw - orange, black, and white calico tom

Nofur - sphinx she-cat


Leader: NightStar - black she-cat with wide light-blue eyes

Deputy: Icefay - White she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Lightshadow - grey and black tabby she-cat with short hair


Blackthorn - Black cat tom

Darkclaw - Dark grey tabby tom

Liontail - Orange and Black calico tom with an orange tail thats bushy at the tip

Deepfoot - Brown and grey tortoiseshell she-cat with a scar on her right hind-leg

Thornfur - black and grey tom with short hair and dark eyes


Pantherpaw - dark orange and black she-cat with dark brown eye; mentor: Blackthorn

Foxpaw - Orange, black, and white calico she-cat with bright blue eyes; mentor: Lightshadow

Badgerpaw - Brown tom with dark hazel eyes; mentor: Liontail

Queens (expecting or nursing kits):

Brightfur - white-spotted black she-cat; kits: Lightkit, Pinekit

Pinkeye - pinkish white she-cat that's half-blind; expecting kits


Lightkit - bright grey and white tabby she-cat

Pinekit- dark grey and black tabby tom


Prickletail - black long-hair she-cat, with short-haired tail

Darko - dark grey short-hair toms


Leader: Shootingstar - Yellow she-cat with bright yellow eyes

Deputy: Lightningclaw - Yellowish grey tom with quick agility

Medicinecat: Cloudpool - bluish white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes

Warriors: Flamepelt - dark orange tabby she-cat

Mousefoot - dark grey and white tortoiseshell she-cat with small feet

Leafwhisker - ginger tabby she-cat with 1 extra whisker

Tangypelt - orange, black, and white calico tom with orange eyes


Cottonpaw - white long-hair she-cat with short tail; Mentor: Leafwhisker

Volepaw - brown and orange short-hair tortoiseshell tom; Mentor: Mousefoot

Tornpaw - black cat tom with bright hazel eyes; Mentor: Lightningclaw

Queens (expecting or nursing kits):

Smoothfur - Orange short-haired she-cat with orange eyes; expecting kits

Brightstorm - black and white tortoiseshell she-cat; kits: Dustkit


Dustkit - light brown tabby tom with brownish eyes


Thundertail - yellowish orange tom with a longer tail then the others

Sandfur - light brown and black tortoiseshell she-cat

Oldwinn - black tom with blue eyes; former kittypet


Leader: Oceanstar - bluish grey tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes

Deputy: Lakescratch - grey and white tom with turquoise eyes

Medicine Cat: Leapordplant - ginger and greenish grey tortoiseshell she-cat


Liquidpelt - light blue she-cat with hazel eyes

Bluefur - midnight blue pelted she-cat with dark blue eyes

Seaclaw - light grey and bluish white tortoiseshell tom

Sharktooth - black and grey tabby tom

Gingerfoot - cream-colored she-cat with ginger paws

Rainfur - white and bluish grey tabby tom

Stormstream - brown, white, and black calico tom

Silverflood - completely silver pelted she-cat with light-grey eyes


Featherpaw - white medium-hair she-cat with round ginger eyes; mentor: Gingerfoot

Frostpaw - russian blue tom; mentor: Silverflood

Queens (expecting or nursing kits):

Mistyfrost - bluish silver long-hair she-cat; kits: Mothkit, Dapplekit


Mothkit - brown tabby tom

Dapplekit - orangish white tabby she-cat


Splashfur - black shaggy-haired she-cat with bright round blue eyes

Reedwhisker - redish orange pelted tom with thin redish eyes


Leader: Breezestar - whitish grey tom with bright eyes

Deputy: Quickclaw - black tom with bright violet eyes

Medicine Cat: Leafbreeze - greenish black and silver tom with green eyes


Maria - black patched white fur she-cat (former kittypet)

Birdwatcher - tortoiseshell she-cat with ginger eyes

Swiftclaw - White short-hair tom with green gleaming eyes with tiny paws

Rapidtail - White medium-hair she-cat with green gleaming eyes and a long short-haired tail


Briskpaw - Siamese tom with no tail (cut off); mentor: Birdwatcher

Strikepaw - Calico she-cat with short tail and round red eyes; mentor: Maria


Vintage - bright grey and dark grey tom (former kittypet)

Blackfur - black she-cat with narrow eyes


Streamwind - siamese she-cat with green eyes; kits: Briskpaw, Strikepaw, Twokit

Crayter - white long-haired she cat; kits: Claykit, Moorkit, Gorgekit


Twokit - Greenish grey tom with long hindlegs

Claykit - brown tom with round blue eyes

Moorkit - bluish grey she-cat

Gorgekit - siamese she-cat with turquoise eyes

Cats Outside ClansEdit

Barney - brown and black tom

Mariahna - redish orange she-cat

Queen Elizabeth - grey long-hair she-cat; kits: Sia, Mia, Tia; mate: Mancey

Connor - grey and black tom

Mancey - whitish long-hair tom

Sia - white she-cat kit

Mia - black she-cat kit

Tia - orange she-cat kit

Old TerraclanEdit

Leader: Vulturestar - dark red tom with dark red eyes

Deputy and Medicine Cat: Cactusjuice - Silver short-haired she-cat


Sandpelt - light brown she-cat

Snaketail - greenish tom with long dark green tail

Desertwatcher - dark brown tabby tom with round brown eyes


Edgepaw - dark brown siamese tom

Splitpaw - dark brown siamese she-cat

Vinepaw - tortoiseshell and black she-cat

Dustpaw - dark brown and white spotted tom

Elders and Queens:

Junefur - Old grey she-cat; kits: Cactikit, Bugkit, Mosquitokit, Vinepaw

Tangleleg - Old black tom with only 3 legs; father of: Edgepaw, Splitpaw, Dustpaw


Cactikit - greenish light brown she-cat

Bugkit - brownish black tom

Mosquitokit - white, black, and brown tom

Old ThunderclanEdit

Leader: Sharpstar - black and white tabby tom with a long orange stripe down the back

Deputy: Onetail - Dark brown and grey tom with sharp teeth

Medicine Cat: Treeteller - greenish white she-cat with velvet eyes


Briskclaw - bright brown tom with light ginger eyes

Brightstrike - bright brown she-cat with light ginger eyes

Mousepounce - dark grey tom with brown eyes

Ratbite - fierce calico she-cat with amber eyes


Whiskerpaw - brownish black tom with amber eyes

Volepaw - brownish black tom with green eyes

Pouncepaw - orangish red tom with green eyes

Boundpaw - orange she-cat with silverish green eyes

Brownpaw - brownish orange tom with one green and one amber eye


Sunflight - Yellow she-cat with bright blue eyes; kits: Brownpaw, Boundpaw, Pouncepaw

Shinefur - Orange she-cat with green eyes; kits: Whiskerpaw, Volepaw

Flourist - Ginger she-cat with brown eyes (expecting kits)


Crackfoot - Shaggy black pelted tom with bright grey eyes

Fernpillar - Smooth grey long-hair she-cat with silver eyes



Old SkyclanEdit

Leader: Highstar - Brown and black tabby tom

Deputy: Tigertooth - orange tom with black stripes

Medicine Cat: Swanflight - tortoiseshell she-cat with a long neck


Tallleg - white and black tom

Birdleap - yellow she-cat with orange patches


Pawpaw - Calico tom; mentor: Birdleap

Onepaw - greenish yellow tom; mentor: Tallleg

Squirrelpaw - dark brown she-cat; mentor: Swanflight

Shrewpaw - Small white fluffy tabby tom; mentor: Tigertooth

Leappaw - Black cat tom; mentor: Highstar


Needlefur - Grey and white she-cat; expecting kits

Maia - redish orange and light brown she-cat (former kittypet); kits: Mountainkit


Fernpelt - dark grey tabby she-cat

Rockstep - brown-striped tom


Mountainkit - brown tabby tom

Old WindclanEdit

Leader: Violetstar - Black long-haired she-cat with purple eyes and dark violet paws, scarred left eye and cut left ear

Deputy: Rabbitfur - small short-haired white she-cat

Medicine Cat: Wiskfang - Brown medium-hair tom with a black stripe across his legs


Hillrunner - Greenish white short-haired tom

Rabbitleap - Brown and black she-cat

Woolstep - Brownish black she-cat


Birdpaw - yellow skrawny she-cat; mentor: Rabbitleap

Stonepaw - light grey tom; mentor: Hillrunner


Bluefur - bluish siamese she-cat; expecting kits

Precioustail - Calico she-cat (former kittypet); expecting kits


Brightpelt - white long-haired she-cat

Torntail - black slender tom

Old ShadowclanEdit

Leader: Clawstar - black tom

Deputy: Stripeback - brown tom with a hairless stripe along his back

Medicine Cat: Greenfoot - white long-haired she-cat with amber eyes


Mintlog - Dark calico she-cat with dark blue eyes

Mothweb - greyish black tom with ginger eyes

Clingtail - black she-cat with dark green eyes


Darkpaw - black short-haired tom; mentor: Stripeback

Molepaw - brown medium-haired she-cat; mentor: Mintlog

Brackenpaw - dark grey short-haired she-cat; mentor: Greenfoot


Kitter - siamese she-cat (former kittypet-Kitton's sister); expecting kits

Kitton - siamese she-cat (former kittypet-Kitter's sister); kits: Dragonkit



Dragonkit - cream-red pelted tom with bright blue eyes

Old RiverclanEdit

Leader: Berrystar - A cream colored tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes.

Deputy: Branchtail - A seal point siamese tom with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Spottedback - A harlquin bicolor she-cat with shining sapphire eyes.





Propechy CatsEdit

Geokit - power of nature

Toxickit - can poison another cat (only on a full moon and half-moon)

Yellowkit - can breathe fire (only on a full moon and half-moon)

Nightstar - is stronger and more elusive at nighttime

Liquidpelt - completely translucent in the water at daytime

Briskpaw - is faster then any other cat

Leafbreeze - can make any herb in one breath (quarter-moon, and half-moon)

Frostpaw - breathes frost

Lightningclaw -  Electrical claws (full moon, and quarter-moon)

Boarfang - cannot get injured in battle, but only KOed or instantly killed